About BB Consulting Services & Staff Experience

BBCS is an outsourcing consulting company that serves theSan Diego�s life science industry. The company is a consortium of industry experts that pool intellect, experience and know-how to successfully deliver project results on behalf of clients. BBCS comes highly recommended by a local, former FDA auditor QA staff and has an exemplary reputation for cost conscious project management and cost effective time management, two key components of every company�s business strategy. We recognize that in today�s competitive landscape, outsourcing is one strategy to economically and efficiently facilitate your milestones.

Cost-Conscious Project Management

BBCS does not charge hidden fees for standard service offerings such as document printing or template creation. In addition, BBCS personnel stay on task and focus on project completion in a timely manner.

Cost-Effective Time Management

BBCS attention to time management produces quality results. BBCS efficiently executes your projects, saving your organization valuable financial resources.

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